Lengths in yards:    
Black 3308  
Blue 3099  
White 2943  
Gold 2669  
Maximum Total Length
Red 2,581  


Course Rating Slope
1 - white and blue 67.5 115
2 - all white 66.8 113
3 - all blue 68.2 117
1 - red 64.2 95

Holes 1 and 10

The first hole is a par five (5) and plays 517 yards for the men’s front nine and 527 yards for the back nine. For the ladies and juniors, it plays 457, on both the front and back. The drive over the water has to take into consideration water all the way down the right hand side as well as a fairway bunker some 250 yards to the left of the fairway. The fairway narrows at the 225-yard marker with an inlet coming in from the right hand pond. The approach to the green is guarded by a green-side bunker on the left and water on the right.

Black: 515

Blue: 501
White: 498
Gold: 458
Red: 448

Holes 2 and 11

Hole number two (2) is a par three. It typically plays 195 and 210 yards for the men and 170 for the women and juniors, but the back tee can be extended to a total of 240 yards. A green side bunker guards the right side of the green. An errant drive to the left brings in a row of junipers that can impede your chip to the green. The green is sloped from front to back.

Black: 225
Blue: 206
White: 189
Gold: 170
Red: 156

Holes 3 and 12

The third hole is a 90° dogleg to the right at the 150-yard marker. The hole is 379 and 401 yards for the men and 274 for the ladies and juniors. Green side bunkers guard both the left and right side of the green.

Black: 406
Blue: 385
White: 370
Gold: 286
Red: 270

Holes 4 and 13

Hole number four (4) runs along the main highway (2) into Three Forks. Drives severely to the left are immediately out-of-bounds. Drives harshly to the right will encounter higher grass and a tough second shot. A pond to the right starts at about the 300-yard mark and runs much of the fairway to the green. On approach, the green is guarded by green-side bunkers on both sides.

Black: 546
Blue: 525
White: 502
Gold: 463
Red: 4448

Holes 5 and 14

The fifth hole challenges and tempts the longer hitter. The hole plays 369 and 424 yards for the men and 344 for the ladies and juniors, but a drive over the pond or parts of the pond can seriously reduce the length of the hole. A drive over the pond can encounter waste bunkers. A greenside bunker on the right hand side guards a green sloped relatively severely from back to front.

Black: 435
Blue: 404
White: 372
Gold: 356
Red: 338

Holes 6 and 15

Hole number six is a short hole, but many dangers can ensue. Its’ length is 125 and 100 yards for the men and 84 for the ladies and juniors. For its shortest length, the drive is over water with a green protected by willow trees and a bunker on the right side of the green. Over the green from the back-nine tee box and the drive is in the water.

Black: 115
Blue: 106
White: 98
Gold: 92
Red: 86

Holes 7 and 16

The seventh hole is a fairly straight-forward par 4 of 299 and 330 yards for the men and 269 yards for the ladies and juniors. Car must be taken to avoid the water on the left and a steep drop-off on the right. A single smaller cottonwood tree guards the front of the putting green, while several large cottonwood trees line the right side of the green.

Black: 372
Blue: 312
White: 298
Gold: 280
Red: 258

Holes 8 and 17

The eighth hole is a short par four of 272 and 299 yards for the men and 235 yards for the ladies and juniors. All drives except for those aimed severely right are over water. Drives too far left towards the green will encounter a fairway bunker some 30 yards from the front of the green. Drives from the back tee are guarded by high cottonwoods, and all drives aimed directly towards the green are protected by Russian olive trees.

Black: 344
Blue: 314
White: 289
Gold: 263
Red: 243

Holes 9 and 18

The 9th or home hole is 317 and 337 yards for the men and 287 yards for the ladies and juniors. Willow trees some 100 yards out, compel golfers to drive the ball to the right of this dogleg left hole – and to the right is an out-of-bounds. There is a fairway bunker to the left of the fairway leaving a 75 to 100 yard bunker shot to a green sloped from back to front. Green side bunkers guard both sides of the green..

Black: 350
Blue: 346
White: 327
Gold: 303
Red: 278

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